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SportFort "Sport Media Monitoring, Syndication & Archiving" In SportFort, We monitor, analyze, Archive Sports Media Coverage on 24*7 basis on different types of media (Broadcast- print-Internet). SportFort Database contains information about 10,000 + televised sports events in Middle East major TV stations since 2007. ​​​SportFort Media coverage information  includes channels generating coverage for the event, broadcast duration, broadcast time and type SportFort Media Panel include 60+ TV Channel, 150+ Press Media Title and 50+ Online Media Brandsin the Middle East & Africa.

SportAD " Sports Advertising Tracking"SportAD is a tracking system for  advertising distribution  on sports Media Vehicles  during televised sports events. SportAD enables us and our clients for analysing  advertising distribution of X brands, using Y Sports media vehicles in Z markets across a specific period. In addition to sports media vehicles, data can be classified by:   

SportSEE "Sports Sponsors Exposure Measurement" SportSEE degitally measures the exposure of sponsors & advertisers Logos and its recognition in sports events in TV sports content as well as inprinted media and internet. ​​​​​​​​​​​SportSee™ provides sponsors, advertisiers and sports marketing agencies with information that enables them to analyze, quantify and evaluate their advertising message Media exposure performance in Televised sports events and the quality of the exposure and the Calculation of ROI. from SportSee Applications: SportImage which archives all Sports Advertisements on Television in Pan ArabMarket. ​​​​​​​​​​​These are further grouped by Product Category, Brand and Sub-brand. Advertisements are clipped in MPEG & JPG These clipped creative's can beviewed on a PC and can also be embedded into your documents and presentations. They are available both on a monthly selection and Adhoc requests.

SportSTAT "Official Documentation of Media Presence" SportSTAT documents & certficates the Media presence of Clubs, Teams and events in TV, print and online media. SportSTAT provides TVTransmission time statistics Reports for exact broadcasting dates and times of sporting events and clubs on TV channels we monitor. SportSTAT uses state of Art Technology and dedicated Research system in monitoring and calculating the media presence of Clubs in different media. The raw data is kept in the archiving system for Auditing.

SportREACH "Sports Audience Research" SportReach ​​​​​​​​​​​provides analytical information Sports content level of media coverage and associated audiences viwership to this coverage and the profile of these audiences. SportReach Audience Rating Data are combined with the coverage data to produce the sports’ event audience reach reports. SportReach is an important tool to clients in the business of sports like sponsors, right holders and sports marketing agencies.

SportV "Sports Exposure Evaluations (CPT, Advertising Value)" SportV determines the value and effectiveness of their sponsorships in comparison with traditional media placements. SportV™ is designed to bring monetory currency to sponsors’ brands media exposure by measuring Advertising message exposure of sports-media during televised sports events. ​​​​​​​​​​​SportV™ utilizes a a standardized financial v aluation model to measure the ROI of sponsorship & sports advertisng based on brand visibility during TV broadcast associated with TV audience and also in press and internet.

Clubperforma "Teams, Players & Properties Media Rating" Clubperforma measures Syndicates and certificates the media exposure of Teams participating in major Sports Events in Egypt, Turkey,UAE and Pan arab Region. Clubperforma measures Teams media exposure in different Platforms (TV, Press & Online) with ability to track Clubperforma enables Teams marketing team and sponsors to check the Quantity and quality of their properties Media exposure in sense of Volume & Value and it is one of major KPI’s in measuring Football Teams marketing performance

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